About mobileLIVE

mobileLIVE is a Canadian-owned-and-operated company with expertise in Professional Services, Software Solution Development and Quality Assurance Services.

We serve Top-tier Network Operators, Global Network Vendors as well as major Mobile Device Manufacturers.

Known for our agile methodologies, lean structures and passion for innovative solutions, we are often solicited to enhance our customers' end user experiences, increase productivity and facilitate data integration.

mobileLIVE offers Professional Services in Omni-Channel and Self-Serve applications, IT Integration Services and Telecom Network Optimization.

A full-service partner in Software Solution Development with focus on Mobile Solution Development, Cloud Based Applications, Responsive Web Development and Machine to Machine/ Internet of Things solutions.

Our Quality Assurance services are second to none in Device Certifications, Applications QA & User Acceptance Tests as well as Network Testing. mobileLIVE's state-of-the-art LTE Lab also allows Mobile Operators and Device Manufacturers adhere to GCF and PTCRB validation systems.

Please visit: www.mobilelive.ca